Flossie’s Art

Due to the limitations imposed upon her by her fur and paws, Flossie expresses herself through the medium of ipad, her initial work was subtle, hesitant and tentative,  now she approaches the canvas with a gusto and wild abandon, reminiscent of Pollock.  Flossie oversees the printing process personally and is highly critical, she has been known to completely destroy prints that she obviously feels are not to standard.

Flossie’s aim is to not only support charities that help dogs less fortunate than herself, she also wants to help other less fortunate species like Humans and Cats.
Should you wish to commission an individual work from Flossie, please speak to her human assistant.

Flossie’s first piece – Cool Winter Pink Paws

the next three in that first series are ;

Hot Summer Paws


Spring Paws



Paws for Autumn



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